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As a leading freight forwarding company, HSD has extensive experience in transporting a wide range of goods from China by sea, air and rail. We offer very competitive freight rates and are available 24/7 online to support your business whether you are already a customer or not.

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You will get your goods safely and on time

HSD will provide you with the best transportation solutions!

Sea Freight

We cover all routes around the world, they provide us with competitive price and stable space.

Air Freight

Competitive air transportation price and professional service. Multiple airlines for your choice

Railway Freight

Competitive rates with full guidance on loading and consolidation of cargo in containers. As well as railroad transportation services.

Custom Clearance

Our professional team ensures that customs clearance is always smooth and we maintain good relationships with customs officials.

Pickup & Delivery

We can arrange pickup and trucking services in any city in China at any time.

Shipping To FBA

We ship to Amazon FBA from China. 5 ships per week for your shipments and one flight per day for your air shipments.

Freight Forwarding Expert in China

Partial offer

Provide you with the most competitive shipping rates

China to Canada

C$ 7
  • Door to Door
  • Air transport
  • Sea transport
  • Sourcing for you

China to Philippines

  • door to door
  • Air freight
  • Sea freight
  • Sourcing for you

Listen to what our customers say about our freight forwarding services

We import furniture from China to Tokyo on a monthly basis in full crates and LCLs, sometimes by air. Our freight forwarder HSD is a very good partner, they are very professional and patient, after we notify HSD of a new order, then we simply receive the goods at our warehouse!


Mr. Tristan Pao

China to Japan

I bought swimming pool fence from China, the seller quoted me FOB price, I found HSD, I don’t have a company in the US, I couldn’t unload the shipment from the truck, in the end HSD solved all the problems and made sure that I received the shipment safely, I am very satisfied with their work.


Mr. Jacky White

China to USA.

We have been working with HSD since last year and HSD is a perfect partner, their shipping costs are very competitive and their service is the best, we appreciate their work. I have recommended many of my friends to do business with HSD and they have all been very satisfied.HSD has helped our business!



China to Germany
My company construction machinery and equipment agent in Davao, Philippines, all our shipping goods are handled by HSD, they provided the professional solution and good price for our large construction, for example, Excavator and Crane,etc. Especially their rich experience for loading the goods in the Flat Rack and reinforcing the goods. We will keep the long good cooperation with them in the future.


China to Davao, Philippines

We ordered 26 tons of valves from China, due to the short delivery time, we had to change the shipping method from sea to air, but near Christmas, the airlines were very short of space, HSD arranged from China for these goods to arrive in Vancouver successfully in 7 days, I think they are the best freight forwarder in China.



China to Canada

We purchased a large product line from China to Poland, we and our three suppliers were very inexperienced in logistics, we didn’t know how to ship this large product line to Poland, one of the suppliers introduced us to HSD, he gave us the best solution, when we received the goods it was a sight for sore eyes, very professionally packaged, no damage to the goods, we are very grateful to them.

Bill testimonial


China to Poland


Phone: +86 15675988850
Adress: No. 71, Nanhuan Road, Shajing Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
HSD will always be your best partner for freight forwarding goods from China.


  1. Your freight forwarder should be able to handle all kinds of goods and ship from any port of China to world.
  2. Your freight forwarder should provide the best shipping solution possible.
  3. Your freight forwarder should provide competitive rates and a good service.
  4. Your freight forwarder should be able to communicate smoothly with all your suppliers.
  5. Your freight forwarder should provide other services such as container loading supervision, product classification, receipt and payment with foreign exchange, etc.

To control shipping costs, you need to make sure you are using the best solution to ship your goods and use reasonable packaging to save space. To achieve this, choosing a good freight forwarder is the most important step.

  1. Package your shipping goods well.
  2. Reinforce your goods in the container.
  3. Load a reasonable amount of goods in the container.

Of course you can, we can help you pay for the goods in China, as well as purchase on any e-commerce platform in China!

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